How to get SSL certificate from Let’s Encrypt

How to get SSL certificate from Let’s Encrypt

The HTTPS protocol requires an SSL certificate. In essence, an SSL certificate is a digital document of the site. Buying a certificate entails additional costs. However, with Let’s Encrypt, you can yourself get a free SSL certificate. This can be done both through your hosting C-Panel and with the help of the Certbot program. We will consider the second option.

First step

In order to generate and install a certificate on your website, you need access to the server via the SSH protocol, which allows you to manage a remote server through a computer terminal.
Connection is made via the command line using the command

ssh user_name@host_name

Certbot Utility

This software works as a Let’s Encrypt certification service and is required to receive and subsequently update SSL. Installation on the computer is also performed through the terminal using the commands:

chmod a+x certbot-auto


At this stage, you will need to enter a command based on the type of server you are using. If Apache is installed, then:

./certbot-auto –apache

If Nginx, then:

./certbot-auto –nginx

The response to the executed command will be an email request. You can specify your work or any other email. After entering the e-mail address, you will be introduced to the rules for using the service. To accept the terms and confirm your consent, enter A and press Enter.

Newsletter Subscription

This item is skipped by pressing N and then Enter.

Sites List

Next you will be presented with a list of domains found by the program on your server. Enter the domain number you need and press Enter again.


At the final stage, the program will check with you whether you need access via http / https protocols or exclusively via https.
Specify the preferred option and press Enter. All! The manipulations have been completed and your site is available at https: // site_name. Free SSL certificate from Let’s Encrypt is valid for three months. After this period, it is necessary to update it. As you wish, you already know …