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Licenses for IPS System Products

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IPS Manager

ISPmanager is a popular server and VDS control panel created by the ISPsystem company.

WM Manager

VMmanager KVM is suitable both for the virtual engines’ hosting and the cloud creation.

WM Manager OVZ

VMmanager OVZ is the solution to manage virtualization on the container technology OpenVZ (VDSmanager / VEmanager before).

BILL Manager

BillManager is the modern billing solution for hosting providers or domain resellers. The license of BillManager supports many types of services

DNS Manager

DNSmanager allows to manage domain servers. DNSmanager supports the integration with other ISPsystem products, like ISPmanager and VDSmanager.

IP Manager

IPmanager is a supplementary product allows to maintain IP addresses. By ordering IPmanager license you can effectively use your IP addresses.

DCI Manager

DCImanager (exc. IFXmanager) is the product for data centres and dedicated server sellers. DCImanager allows to automate the maintenance process of dedicated servers.

Licenses for Parallels Products

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Plesk Panel 12

Plesk Panel 12/Onyx is a server control panel with the wide functions for administrator as well as for client. All licenses support includes free installation on the server.

Plesk Panel 11

Parallels Plesk Panel is the best choice for hosting providers, web designers and site owners. Parallels Plesk Panel 11 is a version of the program that offers a number of new benefits and features for each type of user.

Virtuozzo Containers

Parallels Virtuozzo Containers - operating system-level virtualization solution, a product of Parallels, Inc. This implementation allows running multiple isolated copies of the operating system on a single physical server.

Others Sistems Licenses

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Direct Admin

All the licenses for DirectAdmin control panel are proposed with technical support. The cheapest version includes the support only with installation on the server.


Cpanel is most popular control panel in the world. We offer instant license activation and qualified support buying Cpanel in our website.


CloudLinux introduces the concept of LVE – LightWeight Virtual Environment for user isolation. Each LVE has the severe restrictions on CPU, memory, maximum quantity of processors and disk input-output which can not be exceeded.