DirectAdmin control panel licenses

For the virtual engines' hosting and the cloud creation
Minimum system resource requirements
Works without interruption, automatically recovers from failures
Unlimited number of sites and email accounts
Regular update
Installation on the server in 15-30 minutes

DirectAdmin control panel licenses

All the licenses for DirectAdmin control panel are proposed with technical support. The cheapest version includes the support only with installation on the server. Technical support of ISPlicense will help you to install the panel on the server and reply to your question about software operating (5 tickets per month is the limit). That type of support doesn’t include directly any server work (except the initial installation).

DirectAdmin for VPS

License termSupportPrice 
1 monthYes$7.30Buy now
1 monthYes level 1$12.36Buy now
1 monthYes level 2$20.23 Buy now
1 yearYes$73.04Buy now

DirectAdmin for server

License termSupportPrice 
1 monthYes$11.24Buy now
1 monthYes level 1$17.98Buy now
1 monthYes level 2$25.85Buy now
1 yearsYes$111.25Buy now