Licenses for VMmanager OVZ

For the virtual engines' hosting and the cloud creation
Virtualization technology
Building Failover Clusters
VM live migration
Built-in VNC client
Full automatic backup

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Licenses for VMmanager OVZ

VMmanager OVZ is the solution to manage virtualization on the container technology OpenVZ (VDSmanager / VEmanager before). VMmanager OVZ can organize clusters and make migration between nodes in the real time. Besides, VMmanager OVZ dynamically distributes the resources of processor, hard disk and the memory of all virtual machines: as well as allows to instantly change parameters data.

VMmanager OVZ

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1 monthNo$7.16Buy now
1 yearNo$71.59Buy now
1 monthYes$10.07Buy now
1 yearYes$95.08Buy now
Lifetime licenseNo$143.18Buy now
Lifetime licenseYes$162.2Buy now